Oct 31, 2011


Gestures from lifedrawing. I'll be re-doing a couple of the quick ones I got in for finished portfolio stuffff

Another lifedraw. Tightened up a pencil gesture, then coloured it in watercolour. I forgot how watercolour makes paper all wrinkly.

I don't have purple markers really, so Twilight Sparkle is all WRONG.
And that Applejack looks better in person. Ahaha.

Ronbow Dosh.

A kind of MLP styled thing of a childhood toy I have. He's a stuffed dragon named Dooah, and I've had him for 20 years. thought he'd make a cute character.

The fellow in colour is an old character of mine, Al. He's a high school English teacher and his other job is being an asshole.

This was the page I used to test my colours for the watercolour picture up there. Then one day I was helping the boyfriend with some homework, by taking notes down for him. My methods of note-taking hasn't changed since grade 5- doodles all over with scattered information.
Even if I wrote everything properly, I don't know what all those numbers are. They have to do with lights and watts and other lighting fancy technical hoo-hah I don't understand.


  1. I really like the picture of the lady and the bum. The bum especially.

    Aww... I love the little dragon too!

    I still have some of my childhood toys. I have an Orca named Huggie who's at least 25 years old who was from Marine Land, and a Dolphin named Flipper who's even older...old enough that I have no idea where he came from or who gave him to me! lol

    I still have a Mickey Mouse plush that I got when I was like two, the one and only time I ever got to go to Disney World. He even has one ear burned from the Radiator in the first apartment I lived in as a kid...

  2. your sketching skills are amazing! you're getting MAGNIFICENT, girl.