Jan 31, 2012

A Bunch of Stuff

A character I created out of nowhere when I was walking holding my umbrella under my coat, and it looked like an umbrella hand.

I decided that he used to be successful and on top and happy until something happened and he lost his hand somehow, and it's replaced by an umbrella. This ruins everything and he's homeless or something now. He uses every chance he gets to remind people how shitty his life is because he's got an umbrella for a hand.

Playing with colour. The drawing isn't mine, you can see the original sketch here: http://fyre-flye.deviantart.com/art/Up-All-Night-255837682

Commission I finished recently. c:

Class drawings and notes. I'm a good student; look at all those notes.
Digimon, cats, caricatures, ponies, and a dog.

3am 'Origin Story' things. Those 3am drawings where they're the funniest thing and you wake up and can't make sense out of them. This is this exactly.

More class notes and draws. Cats, (well, my cat, because he's what I know cats look like) Digimon, Pokemon, ponies, a Shenanigan, and a little gloomy monster. Someone should give her something.
And then I coloured Weregarurumon. c;


  1. I ADORE the tubby kitty!

    The monster in the shell is coming along VERY nicely, by the way. I think you've pretty much got it.