Jan 24, 2012

Sketch Collection

a few things from the last couple weeks.
some pokemon, ponies, "life draw" of my Dr Horrible figurinething, my signature character leaning and talking with his hands, and Princess Peach.



  1. Peach just looks like she's askin for trouble. She is always givin me s*** on mario party!

    lol I love the fluidity of all of these sketches. I especially love 'dem ponies!

    1. ahaha the boy and i always hate peach so much playing mario party. i remember once he rage;quit because she got all ob da coims from him or something. turned the N64 off and everything. it was the best, ahahaa. <3

      oohh, thank you!! i've been trying to make my stuff look more flowy... so i'm happy to know it's being noticed! yay!

      also happy you likes my ponies. they're so fun and simple to draw, and my usual default if i have no clue what to draw. -laughs-