Aug 4, 2012


I don't update like I should. I -really- need a scanner. Or see if the scanner here works on my laptop. Here's a load of digital art I scrounged up;
Remember this dude? I still wanna make Mime & Punishment happen.
Done this morning as kind of a warm up and I like it a lot. The character belongs to a friend of mine, and he's too fun to draw.
I just wanted to draw something with something for a head.
Walt Jr from Breaking Bad. He is precious.
Is everyone aware of Disney's new show, Gravity Falls? It's pretty much what I'm all about these days. It's a really really good show. These guys are more background/side characters who kinda pop up now and then. Manly Dan the lumberjack, and the Cute Biker who usually is there like, cheering him on. "Get 'im! Get 'im!" I posted this to tumblr and it exploded. Tumblr I mean. ...better give myself a Gravity Falls tag.

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  1. Awesome stuff!
    You should do something with that mime of yours!!! The world needs to see him get into some wacky situations!